Keep Your Belongings Safe at All Times

Depend on us for safe repair services in Lansing, MI

While there are some problems you can push off for a little bit, steel frame, door and safe issues aren't one of them. At first sight of trouble with your safe, speak with Lansing Security and Locksmith. Whether you need commercial steel door replacement or safe repair services, we've got you covered in the Lansing, MI area.

Check out what we can do for you

A commercial steel door replacement is only one of the many solutions we can provide. We also have the proper skills and equipment to:

  • Change combinations
  • Slush concrete frames
  • Remove and replace hardware
  • Open and drill locked security safes
  • Swap manual dials for electronic keypads
  • Clean, repair, maintain and bolt down safes

Upon arrival, we'll examine your steel frame, door or safe for free so you know what you're getting into. Call us today to schedule an appointment for safe repair services.