Want to Know Who Enters and Exits Your Property?

We provide access control management services in Lansing, MI

You should always have control of who's on your property. If you currently don't have that power, look to Lansing Security and Locksmith for help. We offer access control management services in the Lansing, MI area. Our access control installation team will survey your site for free and determine what's best for your property based on your personal and budgetary needs.

Explore our access control features

Our access control management company will never recommend something you don't truly need. Depending on our assessment, we may decide that your new system may need:

  • Electrified strikes
  • Proximity cards or key fobs
  • Video, intercom or buzz-in systems
  • Bluetooth, cloud or Wi-Fi functionality
  • Electronic or magnetic locking hardware

After the installation, you can be confident knowing who is and who isn't on your property. Schedule access control installation services today.