Accommodate Constant Traffic Without Sacrificing Security

We install automatic door operators in Lansing, MI

As a store owner or property manager, you want your space to be as accessible as possible. But you also want to keep your property secure. Lansing Security and Locksmith has the solution. We install automatic door operators to optimize convenience.

If you own a business in Lansing, MI, contact us today to learn about our automatic door operator installation options. Do you have an automatic door that's no longer working? We'll be glad to troubleshoot it for you.

Which businesses can benefit from an automatic door?

Our motion-activated automatic door operators can be adapted to work with just about any building. Many of our clients own...

  • Shipping stores, where customers and employees may have their hands full or be using hand trucks
  • Family-focused businesses, like day cares, where clients often use strollers or carry children in their arms
  • Retail stores, where customers leave with large bags or use shopping carts to carry their purchases

We can also install automatic door operators in bathrooms for additional accessibility.

And, of course, an automatic door operator install is ideal for any business owner who wants to make their building handicap-accessible.